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Tips for Selling Your Home In The Fall

September 18th, 2014

house for saleTips for Selling Your Home In The Fall

You need to sell your home, and here we’re into Autumn. Well, that’s totally fine! In today’s blog we’ll share tips for making it easier to sell your home this Fall.

First, ensure your home is kept warm and well lit. It will cost you a bit more with your gas and electric bill, but it will make the place seem more inviting and cozy and shorten the time to sell. Another trick for making the home seem warmer is by using a gas fireplace if you have one.

Now is the time to evaluate if you have any drafts or problems with your heating unit that need to be addressed since they will become very obvious when the house is on the market.

Open up the shades and the blinds to let the natural light in.

Make sure your house is well aired since you don’t want it to be stuffy. And add in a scent like vanilla, chocolate chip cookies, or apple pie. Another suggestion is to have slow cookers with apple cider around  to get that fall flavor in the air.

Here’s five suggestions from has these for having your home put its best foot forward when it’s on the market in the Fall. Read the full article for all of their recommendations:

  • Make sure your walkway is free of leaves and debris.
  • If it is rainy, be sure you have a good doormat so all potential homebuyers can wipe their feet and not traipse mud and water through the house.
  • Make sure gutters are free from debris and are draining properly.
  • If you already have snow, be sure you clear the front walkway to the door. And if you have stairs leading to your front door, make sure they’re not icy.
  • Hang a festive fall wreath on your door.

When hosting open houses, keep in mind that you will want to hold them earlier as it gets darker sooner. Also, you may want to hold them when there aren’t any major local sports events. People love their football, and some college towns especially don’t want to be disturbed during the grudge matches.

Provide photographs of your home in all four seasons in your marketing material. That will help people better visualize themselves living there.

You may need to be flexible in your close schedule as the buyer may want to be in the home before the holidays. Work with your Realtor to find out what your schedule is, and any tips for improving the chances of selling your home quickly for a great price in your neighborhood.

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