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7 Things Home Buyers Love but Sellers Don’t List

June 24th, 2014

shutterstock_1118170197 Things Home Buyers Love but Sellers Don’t List

Often, sellers forget what motivates first-time buyers. Or they don’t realize that certain aspects of their home could bring in more money because of the value to some people. The flyer mentions square footage, upgraded kitchens, school scores, but maybe isn’t mentioning these seven things that home buyers may pay extra for.


Your home may have tons of pantry and closet space that you take for granted. Or you may have built in shelving and a platform in the garage for storing holiday decorations.

First-time home buyers are usually renters. And more often than not, they’re used to renting small places with crummy storage. Highlight your extra storage such as a second pantry or other built-in storage amenities that you plan to leave

Organizing Systems

If you have made the investment in upgrading your home with customized or built-in closet, kitchen or garage organizer systems, desks or bookshelves make sure buyers see and know this from your home’s online listing. First time home buyers have this dream of a clutter-free living since they’d been crammed into small spaces while they were renting. That’s part of the reason why a staged home sells faster. Potential buyers see a house that looks furnished but not cluttered.


In Silicon Valley, there’s been an increase in companies offering bus systems to shuttle people to work. A big selling point could be your home’s proximity to a main pick-up area. Don’t forget to mention how close you are. An example is you’re half a mile and it’s easy walking. The person who buys may not always be with that company, but they’re probably thinking about the commute to work from their new house when buying that house.

If the potential home owner doesn’t know the area, it will help them visualize living there if you let them know that there are six grocery stores within a 3-mile radius, or a hospital nearby.

If your home is particularly well-located to major employers, universities, recreational amenities or walkable shopping and dining districts, talk with your agent about showcasing this in your home’s marketing.

Senior-Friendly Features

Some potential buyers of your home may be an older generation looking to downsize their lifestyle. Or they may be a family that has a senior living with them. If you have wider corridors and doorways, mention that. If you have an au-pair unit, advertising it as a mother-in-law unit.


If you’ve added in solar panels, make sure they’re highlighted.

Once upon a long time ago in California, we had rolling black-outs where power would be shut off for a time. Certain houses are on the same grid as hospitals and wouldn’t ever go off-line. If your house is protected, call it out.

‘Light’ Green Lifestyle Features

Mention the small things such as a kitchen garden, compost bin, rain barrels or the recycling bins you setup to make it easier to recycle.

Natural, Chemical-Free and Hypoallergenic Home Maintenance

You would mention that you were a non-smoking home, so why not mention if you’re a non-pet home as well. Also, if you have a hypoallergenic HVAC system or have only used non-chemical cleaning products for the last few years, you might want to call that out.

Are you selling your home right now?

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