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Decorating With Pictures

April 23rd, 2014

shutterstock_150914084Decorating With Pictures

Spring is a time of renewal. It is the time of year when people across the country begin shaking off the final dregs of winter, opening their windows, and hanging clothes on the lines to dry. It is the time of year that many people associate with cleaning but very few associate with home decorating. Sadly enough there are very few times of year when it is more appropriate to decorate your home. Face it, for most of us, this is the only time of year that we are actually happy about cleaning.

Spring is the one time of year in which our cleaning efforts are nothing short of inspired. Yet it is also the spring that often eludes us when it comes to inspiration for decoration. Perhaps we are too tired from all of our cleaning efforts to seek the inspiration to decorate.

Or maybe we just paid our taxes and feel broke.

So if  you want to update a room quickly but not spend a bundle, look into decorating with pictures.

If you already have photographs on the wall, change out the pictures. Look into digital frames that hold a lot of images, so the colors seem to change on the wall. You could buy inexpensive framed prints or paintings from thrift stores or garage sales, and arrange them to create an interesting look. For inspiration, check out 50 ideas to decorate walls with pictures.

And if you want to go super inexpensive, you can create your own artwork with paper based washi tape. The colors and patterns are bright and fun. And because it’s paper based, like masking tape, you won’t damage the paint on the walls. You could create your own masterpieces, or just do geometric shapes.

Have you started your Spring Cleaning yet?


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