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Updating A Bathroom

March 26th, 2014

bathroom remodelUpdating A Bathroom

Bathroom remodels are one of the best investments in your home.

Maybe want to get it done on a budget. Maybe you are happy with the bathroom, but it just needs a fresher look.

There are three levels for updating a bathroom. The first is cosmetic, the second is more intensive and the final one is gutting and cutting.

Cosmetic Updates

Updating the basic appearance of your bathroom can be as simple as changing the color of your towels and curtains or repainting the walls or the cabinets for a completely new look.

Here’s a few other easy bathroom remodel ideas to inspire you:

  1. Add pullout shelves to deep cabinets to make it easier to access your stuff. As an added bonus, you will know what supplies you have on hand so you don’t end up buying duplicates.
  2. Add some glam into your powder room with affordable new features, such as a dramatic mirror and glass and chrome accent shelves and towel bars.
  3. Create fake wainscoting with paneling.
  4. Replace the light fixture.
  5. Embellish the vanity. You can glue on shapes, and then repaint for a completely different look. And while you’re there, change out the knobs or other hardware.

Intensive Updates

This is closer to a classic remodel. Maybe you want to pull out the carpeting or vinyl flooring. Or trade out your old counter tops for new ones.

You can remove old vanities and put in a pedestal sink, or a vintage table to act as the counter. Then you can find a neat sink basin and have it built in.

If you need to re-pipe, there are plumbers that can do minimally invasive replacements. You will need to repaint the walls, but at least you’re not having to have the dry wall completely redone as well.

You may need an expert if you want to replace the flooring with something completely different. For example, if you have light vinyl flooring, and want tile, you need to ensure the floor can handle the extra weight.

Gut, Cut and Rebuild

Maybe you want to increase the size of the bathroom or move the toilet to the other side. Maybe you want to replace the tub with a six shower head glass brick walled shower.

Maybe you have two sinks and want to replace it with a spa tub.

If you need to completely re-do the layout, consider hiring a professional who has experience with the homes in your neighborhood.

Better Homes & Gardens has these 5 Must-Know Bathroom Renovation tips:

  1. Have a wishlist and evaluate it for must-have down to would-be-nice-to-have.
  2. Have a firm budget.
  3. Call an expert.
  4. Get the biggest bang for your buck. (This might also be known as don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish)
  5. Make smart choices.  If you’re going to stay in the home more then seven years, design for yourself. If you’re not, design for resale value.

Things To Know

Find out if you need to get permits.

If you do it yourself, have a game plan. You don’t want to have the bathroom be completely out of commission if it’s your only one.

If you contract out, get multiple quotes and references. Find out if they’ve worked on your style of home before, and what problems they may have seen (i.e. like if they know there will be dry rot when they replace the counter top).

Which bathroom would you remodel? Would you gut it or just gussy it up?

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