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Natural Tips for Surviving Allergy Season

February 28th, 2014

Man blowing his noseNatural Tips for Surviving Allergy Season

Have you found yourself reaching for the tissue box more lately? Because it’s been warm and dry, we’ve had a lot of pollen in the air. Thankfully we’re getting some rain to help wash it away. But these rains will bring flowers and blooming trees and grasses and mold. So let’s look at some natural allergy relief. Why natural methods?

By using holistic methods, we can alleviate the symptoms and help our body naturally fight the allergic reactions. Sometimes when we use medications, our body builds up a tolerance. That’s not to say stop taking your meds! But if you add in some additional strategies, you may find your body responding more effectively, and you may need less over-the-counter or prescription medications.

Types of Allergies

  • tree pollen
  • mold
  • flower pollen
  • grasses

It can take seven years for an allergy to develop. So while you may have not been allergic to acacia trees when you were little, that big yellow puffball down the street may be making your eyes water  now. It’s a good idea to get checked by an allergist if you notice a change in your allergic reactions, such as if your allergies seem to be getting worse every year.

Some allergy seasons, it’s worse for everyone, so monitor the news as well and note the pollen counts.

Super Tips

Seven Tips from Cowrieshell

1. Start eliminating ALL mucous forming foods for the next 3 weeks, i.e. white flour, sugar, breads, pasta, bananas, tofu, milk, ice cream, chocolate, candy, sodas, cheese, etc.
2. Schedule a few colonics. At least 3-4 before spring arrives.
3. Google ‘Neti pots’, it’s a good tool to own.
4. Before having breakfast, drink a glass of warm water with half of a fresh lemon squeeze into it. This helps to alkaline your system, neutralizing the acids which accumulated in your body while you were sleeping.
5. Start juicing again if you stopped during the winter months.
6. Drink loose leaf herb teas and eat seasonal fruits for break-fast (breakfast) Also, be aware that bananas can be mucus forming.
7. Start taking a liquid B-12 supplement (stress formula).

More Quick Tips

If you take allergy medicine, start a few weeks before you know your allergies will hit. You can fight the symptoms better when your system is ready for it, and medicines like antihistamines need some time to build up.

Keep windows closed. Pollen and spores tend to be released in the early and mid-morning. So this also means that you should time outdoor activities as well. If your home gets stuffy, turn the air conditioner on a little earlier then normal. Or look into investing in a house fan. But if you’re allergic to molds and dust and other indoor allergens, throw open all the windows and doors and let the fresh air in.

Shower at the end of the day to get the pollen and spores off of you. Also, when you get home, change out of your clothes so you’re not getting the pollen all over the house.

Look into nasal irrigation to get the pollen and spores out of your nose as well.

Wash your pillowslips in hot water at least once a week.

If you want to work outdoors, like in your garden, wear a mask. No one will think it’s silly.  Look for a mask with a rating of N95 which means it filters out 95% of particles.

From HealthCentral:

Know your allergens. If you have some allergy symptoms during winter months you are probably allergic to dust mite, pets or mold spores. Indoor environmental controls may help you during the outdoor allergy seasons by reducing your response to these indoor triggers over night. Sometimes indoor triggers are more of a problem when the outdoor allergens pick up (a process called priming).

Don’t wait until you’re miserable.  If you know you historically get Spring allergies, talk to your doctor or allergist now so you can have the best tools to stay happy and healthy this season.

What are you allergic to? (and don’t say laundry or business meetings)

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