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Quick Emergency Repair Fixes

December 4th, 2013

Woman Mopping Up LeakingQuick Emergency Repair Fixes

With the first really big winter storms rolling in, we know you might have some emergency repairs that need tending to before you can hire a professional.

First off, keep track of the weather alerts. That way you won’t be surprised with frozen pipes or dead landscaping.

Secondly, remember to update your emergency supplies with fresh water and batteries and anything else it needs.

So, what to do if your roof starts leaking? Find a bucket or a large pot and place it under the leak to at least minimize the damage to the carpet or floor.  If you have access to your roof, you could get a tarp over where the leak is, and that would slow the leak into the house. Then you could put the bucket in the attic. Just remember to empty it out regularly.

What do you do if a tree limb comes down? First you need to assess the damage. If it broke a window, you need to board up the hole as quickly as possible. If you don’t have any wood or cardboard, see if you can find packing tape. Duct tape could work in a pinch as well.  Make sure you wear gloves when you’re doing this work as a shard of glass can really hurt. Then run the tape across the hole gently pressing it down. If you can, tape the other side of the pane.

If you don’t have packing tape, or if the hole is pretty big, get a heavy plastic bag like an outdoor garbage bag and tape that over the hole to provide a fairly weather-proof solution.

If your pipes do burst, you may have to turn off water to the house until it can get repaired. If you don’t know where the water turn off switch is, now is the time to figure it out.

If you have the pipe to a sink break, you can turn off the water at the stoppers. Then you get the fun of mopping up.

One other hint is to keep a nice stash of old towels to use as rags if you need them.

Are you ready for the winter?

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