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Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

November 29th, 2013

Turkey sandwichThanksgiving Leftover Ideas

Last year we posted ideas for using up the turkey day leftovers. Today, we’re going to find you even more fun and interesting ideas.

Don’t forget to pop the turkey carcass in a large pot with a quartered onion, two stalks of celery and a carrot cut into two and lots of water. If you like, you can pop in a bay leaf as well. After a number of hours, you’ll have rich turkey stock which you can use to make soup.

Leftover Mashed Potatoes

If you have lots of leftover mashed potatoes and don’t want to make a shepherd’s pie, you can add them into bread dough and make a silky smooth potato bread that can be turned into a loaf or rolls. King Arthur Flour lists one potato bread recipe using leftover mashed potatoes. Tablespoon lists a rich and dense loaf of bread also using leftover mash.

Leftover Turkey

Leftover Cranberry Sauce

You can make a cake with the cranberry sauce in it, or you could make a soft sweet bread with them. It works better if it’s the whole berry style of cranberry sauce.  King Arthur Flour has two similar recipes for making bread with leftovers. The first uses leftover stuffing and mashed potatoes. The second uses the leftover cranberries. You could easily experiment with the cranberry sauce in place of the dried cranberries.

Or you can turn them into a  yogurt-cranberry coffeecake to eat tomorrow morning.

Leftover Rolls

The easiest way to re-use the rolls is by cutting them into cubes, baking them in the oven until dry, and then adding an egg custard to turn them into bread pudding. You can add fruit like apples and canned peaches, or chocolate chips and a touch of bourbon.

King Arthur Flour has a recipe for a take on peach cobbler that you can make with leftover rolls and bread. They also suggest using apples or berries.

And yes, you can carefully freeze almost anything and pull it back out in a few weeks when you’re wanting another full blown turkey dinner. Or a sandwich.

Do you have leftovers or do you plan carefully so it’s minimized?

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