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Southern Plantation Architecture

August 27th, 2013

SouthernSouthern Plantation Architecture

Also known as Antebellum architecture, Southern plantation architecture is known for it’s large porches and round columns. But are they really their own architecture?

Some say no. They feel that this elegant style is named for the time period and that the actual architecture falls into Greek Revival, Classical Revival, or Federal architectural styles with grand, symmetrical, and boxy homes with center entrances in the front and rear, balconies, and columns or pillars.

Antebellum architecture were introduced by Germanic and Celtic peoples of the U.S. who moved to the southern States after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.

The rooms are often quite large and there is a nice flow to the home.  The porches often wrap around the house and are quite wide, and they’re always covered. And the windows always have shutters. Whether they work or not was up to the builder.

If you own a Southern Plantation home, paint the shutters a dark color, and invest in old fashioned style lighting that look like lanterns. Decorate the porch with relaxed furniture like rocking chairs or gliders.

Blue-green is the traditional color for porch ceilings in the South. Originally thought to ward off evil spirits, this hue likely has remained popular more for its effortless charm and relaxing, tropical vibe. Keep the mood mellow and stay comfy in hot weather with an outdoor ceiling fan or two.

Once inside, the ceilings are often coffered. This is an easy project to do or have done if you’d like to add this to your home. It provides an elegance similar to crown molding or trays.

Traditionally floors were made from pine. If you are remodeling, look for reclaimed pine to get a more authentic look. Plantation style combines rich, dark-stained woods, such as mahogany and teak, with white or pale, cool-colored walls. Upholstery tends to be overstuffed and cozy. Natural fibers on walls, floors and window treatments add texture and interest. Modern plantation style is clean and uncluttered.

Add in glass front cabinets, and look into silver drawer pulls to get a clean look that is elegant. Like everything else with Plantation architecture, cabinets are spacious and there are a lot of them.

In bathrooms, use tongue and groove paneling, and don’t forget a large tub.

The Southern Plantation style were designed to stay cool in the heat and that’s why fans are usually in every room to keep the air flow moving. They may be difficult to heat, and could be expensive to run air conditioning.

So, you may not have a Plantation style home, but you could decorate a room where you want hints of formality without sacrificing warmth, brightness and comfort makes an excellent candidate for plantation style.

Would you like a large front porch with a glider?

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