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Decorating In Small Spaces

August 23rd, 2013

Small living spacesDecorating In Small Spaces

Have you ever walked around IKEA and been completely amazed at how they get so much in such tiny living spaces?

In today’s post we’ll look at the basics of small living space design and provide tips that you can use in your home this weekend to make it feel like you have more space.

Remember living in a dorm or your first apartment? You didn’t own much so it wasn’t a problem to decorate with cinder blocks and wood planks or milk crates.

Key Principle One: Don’t Have More Stuff Than Space

Look into alternate storage spaces like attics or rafters in the garage for items that you want to keep but don’t need to have at hand. If your kids have a lot of toys out, consider boxing up about half, and then in a few months, bring those back out and box up what they were playing with. It will feel like a birthday all over again as the toys will seem new and exciting. Plus, you don’t have all the toys out there.

And if they’re done playing, pack it up and donate or give to friends.

Rip all of your old CD’s and then get rid of them.

Make sure that everything has it’s place and that it gets returned when done. It will seem difficult at first, but it gets easier when it becomes a habit.

Key Principle Two: Keep decorating Simple

Limit your palette to no more than four shades.  Too many colors will make the room seem smaller because the color will be taking up all the space.

Choose one large piece like the bed or the couch to anchor the room. Then balance it with smaller items.  Too many little items clutter up and make the room feel smaller.

Keep light fixtures simple so they don’t dominate the room.

Key Principle Three: Look For Multi-Taskers

There are ottomans that double as storage as well as seating.

If you have a closet you don’t use, convert it into a mini-office. You can put in a desk, a lamp, shelves and your computer. Then, when you have company, you can close up the closet doors. If you can’t close the doors, put up some sheers to close off that area and open up the room.


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Which room will you tackle this weekend?

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