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Hosting a Tapas Party

August 7th, 2013

appetizersHosting a Tapas Party

Tappas are also known as small plates or little dishes. And while a true tapas is Spanish influenced, you can feel free to go as crazy as you want with whatever theme you like.

Traditionally, dinner isn’t eaten until 9-11pm in Spain, so the people eat tapas to keep from starving between lunch and dinner. That’s why appetizers can slide right in as a substitute. Plus, you can make a large variety of appetizers rather than one big large meal, and people can mingle.

Plus, you don’t have to pull out the dining room table and iron the best tablecloth.  And you can host your party at any time of the day (or night) that you want.

Planning a Successful Menu

Host a simple party using appetizers rather then a formal sit down meal or potluck.

Find your favorite appetizer recipes.

Ensure you have vegetarian offerings.

Look for classic tapas recipes.

Look for even more tapas recipes.

If you go with traditional tapas, look for traditional Spanish wines like rioja, sangria, and cava. Your local wine merchant can help you find the best wines for your budget.

Tips For a Successful Party

It’s always better to have too much than too little food.

Have boxes to send the leftovers home with your guests.

Set the mood.Play some flamenco music. Find some cool party lights like flamingos or chili peppers for a whimsical touch.

White serving dishes highlight the food. Look into renting the dishes from a caterer. If you’re lucky, they’ll wash them for you too making cleanup a lot faster. And don’t hesitate to use paper. People are there to see you and enjoy the food, not focus on how it was served. The less you have to do after everyone leaves, the better.

Buy everything in advance. Prep as much as you can. This way, if you forgot something, you have time to run out and buy some more.

Have plenty of ice.

Have non-alcoholic options. Look beyond the usual sodas and see if you can find unusual ones like blood orange soda.

And don’t forget to schedule a day of resting the next day! You’ll need time to recharge.

What’s your favorite appetizer?

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