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Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal With Affordable Exterior Touches

April 24th, 2013

New House 66Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal With Exciting Exterior Touches

You don’t have to want to sell your home to want a great curb appeal. Sometimes, you just want to smile as you pull in and feel the pride of ownership.  Today we have a variety of ideas for you. Some are quick, some are inexpensive, and some are quite creative.

Leave a comment if you’re inspired.

Fixing It Up On a Budget

Pop on down to your local home improvement warehouse and pick up a few inexpensive items. After a few hours of yard work this weekend, your home will look completely different.

  1. Revive your lawn with new sod
  2. Add containers filled with flowers and decorative plants
  3. Renew your existing planter beds with plants
  4. Add in stone or brick edgings along your walkway
  5. Add in solar lighting along the walkway
  6. Install a prefabricated trellis or pergola
  7. Replace your exterior lights with new fixtures
  8. Add or restore your trim

Fixing Up The Patio

Since you’re sprucing up the front, why not fix up your patio in the back as well as your front porch. You can set up colorful ceramic pots of succulents for a low maintenance decoration with bursts of color. Build a budget friendly bench from concrete blocks along the wall of the house.  Add in stepping stones to create a path.  Build up a firepit or an inexpensive outdoor kitchen.

Simple, Overlooked Ideas

One idea to completely update the look of your home is to repaint your exterior doors. This will take a little more time because you need to remove the door and give it time to dry. This could be a way of adding a splash of color like a deep red or blue door on a cream colored house.

Another idea is to replace the front door with a completely different one. Perhaps you want one with frosted glass instead of a solid door. You could also look into replacing the front framing. For example, if you have a double front door, you could replace it with a single front door with frosted glass or stained glass accents on the sides.

Add in a new mailbox and house numbers for a subtle change.

Put down a new welcome mat. Add in outdoor tables on either side of the door with pots of seasonal flowers growing.


There are many simple ways to update a home. What will you be doing this weekend?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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