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Fun Craft Ideas for Kids

April 5th, 2013

Child with teacher paintingFun Craft Ideas for Kids

Maybe it’s your spring break next week.  Maybe it’s the rainy season. Maybe you want to plan ahead for summer. Maybe there’s a birthday party coming up, and you want the treat bags to be hand decorated. No matter what your reason, you want to avoid having a bored child in the house wanting you to entertain them.

And since tax time is right around the corner, you want it to be affordable.  Being fun and not too messy is important as well.

With a little bit of planning ahead, you’ll be all ready to get the happy party started.

Step One: Know Your Kid

If you have a little princess who hates getting dirty, finger-painting may not be the best idea. If you have a perpetual motion machine, paint-by-numbers could be the wrong match.

There are some philosophies that believe you should offer the opposite to help them grow and develop. There may be some validity to that, but if your goal is to get your child doing something so you can have an hour to work, clean, cook, or just find your sanity, you’ll want to match them up with something they enjoy.

Additionally, it’s OK if they want to try something different like if your son wants to knit or your daughter wants to do woodworking.  Maybe you can learn a new hobby as well.

Also part of step one is to know yourself and what you want to do.  Sometimes, you want to craft with them, other times, you don’t.  Don’t try and force it either way.

Step Two: Figure Out What You Already Have

You might be astonished that you already have three boxes of crayons, two packs of markers, and ten pads of construction paper that are all missing the color blue which was the favorite color at the time.

Look online for crafts that use what you have. Maybe that purple construction paper could be used to create “Cootie Catchers” or learn how to make Origami.

Step Three: Get What You Need

When you’re in the store, look for project sheets that have additional ideas for what you have.

Look in other places as well.  Barnes and Noble sells kits like Paint Glass Stones, and they often end up in the Clearance shelves. You might have other stores near you that have craft kits that are affordable, and could be extended with what you already have.

Step Four: Get The Area Prepared

If the project is messy such as a tie-dye kit or play dough which can get stuck to things or glitter glue, put down newspaper or aluminum foil to contain the mess.

Look into trays for beads to keep them from rolling off.

If an iron is needed, set it up and let them know to contact you first if they’re too young to iron on their own.


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Finally, look into your local craft stores as they often have free or low cost craft classes for kids. It could allow you to run errands while they’re happily gluing away, and then someone else gets to clean up the glitter.

What was your favorite craft project as a child?

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