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Stain Treatment Tips and Tricks

December 11th, 2012

Stain Treatment Tips and Tricks

‘Tis the season to have someone spill whether it’s on your carpet or your heirloom tablecloth.  Prompt treatment is the best but not always the easiest if your home is full of people, and you want to soothe the spiller that it was “No big deal.”

Types of Stains

  • Oil, or grease (think salad dressing or butter…even gravy)
  • Wax – that candle that dripped.
  • Wine – red and white need different treatments
  • Coffee, Tea, Cranberries – The original stuff used to naturally dye fibers.  Unfortunately, you’re not doing arts and crafts right now.
  • Chocolate – Someone dropped it, and it’s melted in before you realized it.
  • Sap – You remove your tree and see blobs of wonderful sap on your carpet.
  • Ink – The pen that you left out while signing your holiday cards leaked all over your festive table cloth.
  • Soda – Orange soda can really be difficult to remove.
  • Dirt and mud – someone forgot to wipe their feet outside.


Real Simple’s Best Stain Removal Tips and Techniques

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In a Nutshell

Your friends are going to be solvents like isopropyl alcohol, and stain lifters like hydrogen peroxide.  There are lots of new items out there which will help speed up the stain removal.  And club soda can still work wonders for things other then mixed drinks.

If you would normally wash the stain in your washing machine, verify that the stain is really out before you put it into the dryer.  Once it’s gone around in the heat, the stain will be set near permanently.

And as one resource says: Know when to say when.  If you’ve stain treated the carpet as best as possible, and that stain isn’t coming out, see if you can put a small rug over it, or a potted plant when people are around.  You’ll be the only one who knows it’s there.

If the stain is on clothing, consider bringing it to your local cleaners as they have more powerful stain treatments then are available in a store.

Have you ever had to throw in the towel on a stain?

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