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Outdoor Pizza Ovens

December 4th, 2012

Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Have you ever wanted to bake your own gourmet pizzas?  But when you cook them in your conventional oven, it doesn’t really get hot enough to get that crisp bottom, even with a pizza stone.  Pizza stones are large tiles that you can place on the rack, and they can do a good job of making a pizza in your oven.  If you want that authentic flavor, you should look into an outdoor pizza oven.  Some are gas fueled, some are wood fueled.  You can purchase pre-made ones, or you can have one built (or you can build it yourself).

And, it’s not just for pizza.  You can also bake bread, rolls, pastries, calzones, and whatever else your heart desires.  The pizza oven provides a very stable temperature, and can be adjusted from  low to high.  Whether you prefer the artisanal taste of scratch made, or you have a food allergy, and need to create baked goods from alternate grains, a pizza oven will enable you to quickly make yummy food with a dedicated place to bake it.

Types of Ovens

There are stainless steel fueled by propane that are on wheels and can be moved around and stored just like a grill.  There are cast iron ovens that can be built in to an outdoor kitchen.  There are old world style pizza ovens.  There are even counter top pizza ovens (Ok, it’s meant to be put out on a patio).  You can buy kits.  You can build it into an outdoor shed.

If you purchase a wood fueled oven, you will need to find place to store the wood.  And you can try different woods for different flavors.  Some of the mobile ovens do provide storage for the wood underneath the oven.  The key will be to ensure you have what you need when you want to bake.  LP tanks are fast to obtain if you’re running low, and don’t require as much space to store.  However, there is something romantic about sitting outside and watching the wood burn ostensibly to keep an eye on the pizza or bread.

How Do I Build My Own?

From eHow, you will see it’s not as difficult or as daunting as you’d fear.  The number one thing to do is plan.  How big do you want the inside of the oven?  How big do you want the outside of the oven?  Will you be able to dig the pit directly or do you need to remove some concrete first?  Also, make sure the oven isn’t near anything that is flammable.  Good pizza ovens can get up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, you want to think about how authentic you want the oven.  eHow has another article on building an authentic, wood-fired pizza oven.  There’s even a link for free  brick oven plans.  You may want to download and read and read while you plan.

Do you have room for a pizza oven?  Do you think you’d use it often?


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