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What to plant for Fall Color

September 27th, 2012

What to plant for Fall Color

Those color bowls full of pansies are starting to look droopy. Now is the time to add in additional plants to continue that splash of color around your house for a few more months.


Yes, don’t be afraid to add more of these in. Consider going for more of the dark orange rather then the pale yellow.


Asters range from light blue to deep purple and tend to be more dense.


While they may first look like larger marigolds, they come in many more colors such as purple and


There are a few types of bluestars, and they are often sold as ground cover, but they can make a marvelous addition to a color bowl providing the color lower to the soil. Look for either dwarf or blue ice.

Hardy begonias and fuchsias

Time to get some hanging pots up with begonias and fuchsias to add some pink.

Get your game on

We all know that Fall means Football, right? HGTV has a great resource for matching colors with plants.
For example, if you wanted black, you could plant violas, coleus and bugbane. For red, look into celosia, ornamental peppers, or lantana.

More resources

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What will you be planting this weekend?

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