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End tables are a simple way to add elegance

September 20th, 2012

End tables are a simple way to add elegance

Well-known room designer Alexa Hampton says maybe the end table’s name is the reason it seems unimportant. Other pieces of furniture have more prestigious names, like center, console or buffet. But the end table is so important that a selection should be made very thoughtfully.
The first thing to consider is the height of the sofa’s arm. The table should be at that same height or not far below it. If there’s a table at each end of the sofa, they should be the same height. One reason is that if you are using a pair of lamps, one should not stand taller than the other.
There’s no need to have matching end tables. In fact, Hampton likes to mix silhouettes with a round table at one end of the sofa and a square table at the other. It provides interest.

How to arrange multiple tables

HGTV has an excellent article on arranging multiple tables. If you’re concerned about end tables and coffee tables and sofa tables, don’t be. Here are their recommended do’s and don’ts:

1. If you’ve got some bold furnishings in the room, match all of the tables to provide a sense of organization and not distract from the attention-getters
2. Have all the tables be different, but make sure they’re well coordinated. They should be the same theme, or have the same base type. Or have them all in the same period such as rococo.
3. Combine to make your room match your personal tastes. Usually, the cocktail table is different from the sofa table and end tables.

Repurposing things into end tables

In this day of repurpose and going green, don’t be afraid to take something old or different and make it special in your home If you want some inspiration, here are 22 cleverly repurposed and revamped coffee and end tables. ¬†This link goes to a slide show, so get a mug of tea or coffee, and see what pops into your mind.

Make it your own

When deciding on your end tables, spend some time thinking about how it will be used. Will people be storing items in it? Will you have coffee mugs and water glasses on top (don’t forget coasters!). Or will you use them to showcase family portraits?

What will you use your end tables for?

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