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Polishing a room with custom window treatments

September 11th, 2012

Curtains add elegance to your new homePolishing a room with custom window treatments

Whether you just bought your first house or you are ready to freshen up the look, changing the window treatments will make a dramatic statement in the room.

What’s trending in windows treatments for the Fall of 2012

The current look has moved away from swags or cascades of ruffles.  The look is lighter with layers. Decorators say sheer drapes softly layered over shades can create a look that provides quite a few options for look and light.  With sheer drapes closed and the shade half up, the drapes filter light.

Translucent, softly layered window treatments are showing up in urban and suburban homes as alternatives to old-fashioned drapes and binds. These neutral-toned window treatments have clean lines and no frills, according to decorators quoted in The Wall Street Journal.

In the bedroom, you’ll want to invest in a blackout window shade for total light blockage so you can sleep in on the weekends more easily.

Finally, one of the biggest trends currently is to use natural renewable resources such as bamboo, birch, and maple for window wood treatments.

For colors, Cindy O’Reilly, product development manager for Smith+Noble, predicts:

We’ve seen white paired with black or navy. O’Reilly says blue is becoming the new “red” in the window treatment industry, with a variety of ocean hues in teal, aquamarine and soft green. Soft lavender and gray, dusty hues round out the soothing part of this palette. Persimmon, orange and gold will be popular jewel tones, while brown continues to dominate. “[Brown] has been, and continues to be, the new basic,” says O’Reilly.

Some simple decorating rules

  1. Curtains for your bedrooms and more formal rooms should be more substantial than curtains for more casual areas, such as the family room. A higher thread count fabric is best as it lends a heavier and more expensive look. It’s important to pay the extra money to have these heavier fabrics lined so that the curtain holds its shape, and it slows down the wear from the sun.  It’s less expensive to re-line the curtains than it is to replace.
  2. If you have levelors installed and you want to keep them, you can achieve an updated look with a simple fishtail swag dressing or pull-back panels of lighter fabric.  This is a fun way to update a room for seasons and holidays.
  3. Curtain fabric for bathrooms must be mildew-resistant and stand up to frequent laundering. If your bathroom window is visible from the street, you can use a lightweight fabric wider than the window size to ensure privacy while addressing the often moist environment of the bathroom.
  4. In the kitchen, privacy is generally not a concern. Kitchen curtains tend to need laundering more often than other rooms because of grease from cooking. For practicality and good looks, a lightweight polyester fabric is your best bet. You can easily buy panels to change up color and texture at your local big box store.
  5. Kids rooms need a practical solution. Look for stain-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, high thread count and washable curtain fabric. You want a curtain you can toss in the wash, dry on low heat and re-hang immediately.

Affordable No Sew Curtains for Your Home

If you want to update your curtains but don’t want to spend a lot of money, making them yourself is a fun option.  You’ll be able to create the exact look that you want.  But don’t worry if you don’t sew.
There are many window treatment options available that you can do yourself, and you never even have to pick up a needle or thread a sewing machine. With a little imagination and some simple solutions, any piece of fabric can easily and quickly be transformed into a window treatment.
First, measure your window and any existing rods that might be there.  You may not want to keep that rod, but it will help you in purchasing a new one and planning how much fabric to buy.
Once you’ve bought your fabric, hang a simple slider rod, and hang the curtains with grommets, clips, or hooks.  If you want to keep the pull-rod, you can purchase special fusible tape.  All you do is iron it along the top, and then put  in the special cord or hooks, and hang it up on your existing rod.

There are also stylish clips that can be found at flea markets and antique stores that simply latch onto the fabric. Home decorating and import stores also carry clip-on rings to hang curtains from. They’re similar to shower curtain clip on rings.


Let your creativity be your guide, and you can craft window treatments that reflect your personality and style. You’re only limited by your own imagination.

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