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Top Four Open House Prep Tips

August 14th, 2012

There used to be a saying, “open houses don’t sell homes,” but the internet has changed all that, according to Los Gatos Realtor Shawn Miller.

“Now the public has access to the same information as Realtors, and they aren’t necessarily ready to align themselves with an agent quite yet,” said Shawn. “Open houses are then the only access to a property.”

Preparing you home thoroughly for an open house is one of the key elements in marketing your home. Very small things can make a big difference.

Top Four Open House Prep Tips:

Make it smell good –Candles or baking cookies in the oven and offering them to people is a great way to make the house smell wonderful. Don’t use Airwick plugins – some people really hate them. If you do use candles, make sure the scent isn’t too strong.

Clutter is bad – Make sure everything is in its place. Box up everything that you really don’t need – the clutter, personal photographs, and things on the fridge – and put them in the garage. You can enjoy them in your new home.

Soft music in the background – Soft jazz or other subtle music is great to have playing. This makes the home seem less empty.

Turn all the lights on – It makes the house look brighter, especially in a naturally dark home. Open the curtains and windows as well, both for the natural light and to get some air in there.


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