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Seven Financial New Year’s Resolutions to Keep

December 31st, 2011

Small changes in your financial behavior can add up to big savings over the long term, and New Year’s is a perfect time to make some financial resolutions. has listed seven great resolutions that are simple and will fatten up your wallet in 2012. Click here to see the full list; a shortened version is below:

1. Get healthy by losing weight and quitting smoking, which can lower your insurance premiums.

2. Be a smart shopper by using sales, coupons, and programs and apps like LivingSocial and Groupon to find good deals.

3. Simplify your day to day finances with things such as online automatic bill pay.

4. Increase your financial literacy and educate yourself about things you don’t understand.

5. Be prepared and start an emergency savings fund in case something unexpected happens.

6. Pay down debt and try to pay more than the minimum each month.

7. Create a basic household budget that makes sense and is easy to follow.

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