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Realtors: Don’t Forget About the Kids!

September 20th, 2011

The children of buyers are often overlooked by real estate agents when trying to find the perfect home for their clients. A recent article by Realtor Magazine highlights the importance of getting the kids to be your allies in the transaction, as well as gives tips to engage the kids.

“Kids have a voice and a vote in today’s families, and only the foolish miss taking advantage of that opportunity,” said Gina Anderson, sales manager for Adams Homes, in the article.

Realtors can engage children by asking things like their potential bedroom decorating plans and by telling them about the other kids near their age in the neighborhood. Highlight kid-friendly features to the family, such as a nearby stream, perfect tree house tree, or a neat loft hideaway.

It is also recommended to limit the number of houses the children see along with their buyer parents. Kids can get attached easily to homes that are not appealing to the parents.

Remember, kids are underestimated when it comes to the strength of their voice in the new family home. Don’t ignore the children of your clients – focus some attention on them and their needs to make them your allies.

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