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Permits Vital to Any Remodel

September 15th, 2011

While the excitement of a home remodel can be intense, whether it be a large kitchen project or a small change, it is important to make sure that you get all of the proper permits.

The building permit process is easily forgotten when one gets caught up in shining new fixtures and cabinetry. However, it becomes an issue when the time comes to put the home on the market.

According to an article in Realtor Magazine, “ignoring local approval requirements not only poses safety and legal problems but also can potentially derail an otherwise smooth sale.”

Licensed contractors often handle the permit process for their clients, and the process varies widely from city to city and state to state. At the closing of a sale, the paperwork is important to have, as well as during the inspection and appraisal process.

“If no permits are found and it’s obvious the home has been renovated, the bank will likely refuse to make the loan,” according to the American Bar Association’s book Legal Guide to Home Renovation (Random House Reference, 2006), as quoted in Realtor Magazine.

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