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Prepare for an Earthquake: Making a Disaster Kit

August 26th, 2011

In California, earthquakes can and will happen here quite often. If a big one strikes on this earthquake-prone area, it is important to be prepared and keep you and your family safe.

Creating a disaster kit for your home is not difficult and could make all the difference one day, as well as providing peace of mind. The California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA) emphasizes that the first 72 hours after a major disaster are critical.

“Electricity, gas, water, and telephones may not be working. In addition, public safety services such as police and fire departments will be busy handling serious crises. You should be prepared to be self-sufficient – able to live without running water, electricity and/or gas, and telephones – for at least three days following a major emergency.”

In order to prepare for three days, create a Disaster Kit with supplies for three days and place it in a central location. Most importantly, make sure you have one gallon of water per person, per day. This is the amount of water needed for survival.

Other supplies, including food, essential medications, and a freshly stocked first aid kit are essential in a proper disaster kit. This state video runs through how to make one: Emergency Kit Video

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