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Four Ways to Spice Up an Open House

July 22nd, 2011

Open houses are a great way to meet potential clients, and showcasing the home in an attention-getting way can cement potential sellers’ confidence in the Realtor.

1. Take advantage of branding opportunities.

Water bottles on hot days with a custom label can be a great source of advertising. A picture of the house with contact information on the bottle is not only fun, but a way to keep both the home and the Realtor in the mind of the visitor after the open house.

2. Go beyond the basics with food.

You may have heard the age-old technique of baking cookies in the home to infuse it with the scent of homemade treats. However, food at an open house can be another way to stand out. It can encourage people to stay longer and strike up a conversation. Think outside the box – ice cream, chocolate fountains with strawberries, or lattes from an espresso machine.

3. Don’t forget the music.

Having music softly playing enhances the atmosphere and detracts from an empty feeling in the home and makes it more inviting. Soft jazz or other non-lyrical music can be played from an iPod and dock system. Have it centrally located so the music is heard throughout the home.

4. Consider the early evening

A recent Realtor Magazine article suggested holding open houses not only on Sundays, but during twilight hours. This way, people can visit the home directly after work, expanding the potential buyer pool.


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