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Six Unobvious Reasons to Recycle

May 19th, 2011

1. Protect your home from hazardous waste. The average American home accumulates up to 20 pounds of hazardous waste each year. Even more frightening, usually 100 pounds of waste is stored in cabinets, the garage, closets, basements, and other storage spaces in the average home.

2. Help the community and local job options by donating to the Goodwill, which collects electronics as well as most other things, to recycle or sell. They use the profits to help fund job training and employment opportunties in the local community.

3. You can hold a recycling event as a fundraiser for one of your favorite causes (a local school, sports league, church, etc.) with the help of

4. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, American households own an average of 24 electronic products that could be potentially donated or recycled. 85% of them end up in landfills instead.

5. Recycling is less expensive than sending trash to a landfill. According to, recycling instead of landfilling saves $55 per ton, saving you money, along with the environmental benefits.

6. Stimulate the economy by creating jobs. Eco-Cycle states that “or every one job at a landfill, there are ten jobs in recycling processing and 25 jobs in recycling-based manufacturers. The recycling industry employees more workers than the auto industry.”

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