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The “Mom Cave”

April 1st, 2011

It’s new, it’s fun, and it’s strictly personal!

Now that the “man cave” has become an established custom in homes, women have taken the cue to establish a spot of their own. Forget men’s huge TVs, theater chairs and eating spots, where they do manly, messy, sporting things. A woman’s personal place is entirely different.

Whether it was formerly a guest room, a place next to the family room in the basement, or any unused space, the “mom cave” is generally filled with personal mementos and comfort items. It’s a room they can call their own.

Many women, not just moms, are taking over a space in their homes and turning it into a haven where they can relax and pursue personal interests. Decorators are applauding the trend.

Here’s what’s needed to create the cave: A place to sit, storage space, an area to do what they want to do, such as scrapbooking,  and space for occasional visitors. The walls can be decorated with old or new photographs in fun frames, and bright wall colors or fancy wallpaper served as a background.

New York designer Elaine Griffin embraces the concept and recently partnered with Homegoods in Manhattan to show the new decor and space suggestions. She says the mom cave is where a woman, who nurtures everyone else, goes to nurture herself.

Griffin loves color. She says mom caves should be fun, feminine and highly personalized. They should include a reading place, probably with a nice throw on the arm of a chair, or  a chaise lounge, a bookcase painted in a bright color, a fancy area rug, and maybe boxes of brightly-colored file folders and lamp shades that reflect a woman’s tastes.

If they don’t have a whole room, Griffin suggests taking over a spot, such as under a stair landing, for a sanctuary using narrow console tables, a rug and armchairs. Or part of the family room or dining room could be captured for their own.

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