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Realtor and Loan Officer Teamwork: Communication is Key

February 11th, 2011

Loan officers and Realtors communicating and working together is important for a successful and smooth transaction.

Financing is the most important part of a real estate transaction, so it is key that you encourage your loan officer and real estate agent to stay in touch throughout the process.

A panel of Coldwell Banker Realtors spoke at Wednesday’s kickoff event about what they would like loan officers to know about ways to work together more efficiently.

One aspect pointed out at the panel is that is is extremely important for loan officers and Realtors to be available to each other. This could be via text, email, or in-person.

The real estate agents all stressed the importance of communication. Simple check-ins, emails when something important happens, and letting the each other know when something in the financing process is going south makes¬† a huge difference in the team dynamic and efficiency. CC’ing agents on emails to loan officers and vice versa is a polite gesture and keeps everyone on your team in the loop.

It is always best if the loan officer and real estate agent work in tandem alongside the buyer and embrace a teamwork approach, communicating frequently amongst each other. This makes the transaction easier, smoother, and more comfortable for all.

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