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Mortgage Process Too Confusing for Some in Recent Survey

February 9th, 2011

An article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal revealed the results of a survey that determined the mortgage process was considered to be the one of the most confusing parts of buying a home.

While 54% of respondents said finding the right home was the most difficult part of the process, one-third of those surveyed by felt that understanding the mortgage process was the most confusing.

According to the article, “nearly 23% of those surveyed said that the mortgage process was challenging because documentation requirements from lenders kept changing, compared with 7% of borrowers who said it was hard to qualify because their credit score wasn’t strong enough.”

While the requirements have changed, it is important that our customers are educated fully along every step of the sometimes-confusing mortgage process labyrinth. Your comfort and understanding is a priority, and if you have any questions, speak with a loan officer today.

Take a look at the full WSJ article here. Do your concerns match up with the survey results?

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