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This Week’s Market Commentary

This week brings us the release of five pieces of economic data that are worth watching, including two highly important reports. The most important ones are early and late in the week, so we should see the most movement those days. Because the reports are spread over four days, we could see noticeable changes to rates multiple days. There is nothing of importance set for release Monday. June’s Personal Income and Outlays data will start this week's activities at 8:30 AM ET Tuesday morning. This report helps us measure consumer ability to spend and current spending habits. If it shows siz...

July 31st, 2017 This Week’s Market Commentary

Five Sanity-Saving Strategies For Home Construction

Is this the year you begin construction of your dream house? What have you done to ensure your dream does not turn into the nightmare that house building has become for too many? If you purchase a custom-built home from a subdivision developer, you may believe its construction will be smooth sailing, with just a few choices of interior and exterior finishes to resolve. If you buy an amazing lot and hire an architect and contractor to turn your dreams into a stunning and practical design, on budget and on deadline, you may believe the hard work is behind you. Thinking there’s little to s...

July 28th, 2017 Five Sanity-Saving Strategies For Home Construction

It's Moving Cats and Dogs

Tips for Pet Parents On the Move Do you have family members with feathers, fins or fur? Those feathered, finned or furry kids add a layer of consideration when you're planning a home purchase or move. What are some tips you follow, particularly for cats and dogs, whether you are moving across town or relocating across the country?   People prep - don't wind up in the poor preparation doghouse Before making a move, you should ensure that you have your pet's up-to-date health records, as not only do most states require health certificates for dogs - and some for cats and other pets, too - ...

July 28th, 2017 It's Moving Cats and Dogs

Is a Smaller Home for You?

Studies over the past few years have shown a solid trend regarding home sizes. Buyers today want smaller homes with smaller price tags. During the boom era in the mid-2000’s, homeownership was about McMansions and spacious sprawls. The recent recession and continued ailing recovery have made many families rethink their budgets and lifestyles. So, this question is posed. How much space does your family really need? This isn’t a simple cut and dry question. Every family has different needs and dynamics. Let’s put things into perspective, though. Having a large, show-stopper hom...

July 27th, 2017 Is a Smaller Home for You?

This Week’s Market Commentary

This week brings us the release of seven economic reports that may impact mortgage rates, one of which is considered to be highly influential. In addition to the economic data, there is also another FOMC meeting that certainly has the potential to cause chaos in the markets and a couple of Treasury auctions mid-week. There is at least one event set for every day, so there is a strong likelihood of seeing noticeable mortgage rate movement and possibly multiple intra-day revisions this week. June’s Existing Home Sales from the National Association of Realtors will kick off the week's calen...

July 24th, 2017 This Week’s Market Commentary

4 Tips For Helping Maintain Your Home’s Value

Unfortunately, you can’t just expect to buy a home and have its value automatically rise along with inflation and the home market as a whole – Unless you live in downtown Manhattan! Maintaining the value of your home is all about making sensible improvements and getting into the habit of smart maintenance. We’ve put together 4 simple tips and points of consideration to make sure you don’t overlook the key areas of your new home that may have a serious implication on its overall value. Fix Heat Leakers We all know there’s little drafts around the house that we can ...

July 20th, 2017 4 Tips For Helping Maintain Your Home’s Value

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